Land & Sea
The New England coastline runs north from Long Island Sound off the coast of Connecticut to the rugged coast of Maine. Majestic mountain ranges grace northern New England with their beauty as does her alluring coastal regions. Between them is lush land with quaint cities and towns accenting her old-world charm.
Brick & Mortar
Architecture throughout New England is as diverse as anywhere else on earth. From the First Period (Post-medieval English): 1600-1700 through the Colonial Revival: 1880-1955 and right up to today's contemporary construction, New England has it all.
Fauna & Flora
Thanks to the varied weather and terrain of New England, its eco-system is one of the richest on Earth. She is host to a tremendous diversity of indigenous plant and animal life. Many species of migratory wildlife come and go with the changing seasons. Nature subjects are interesting and enjoyable to look at when displayed as fine art pieces.
Moving Parts
New Englanders have always taken great pride in their machinery. No matter if it pertains to practical farming equipment or not so practical sports cars. If it consists of metal and moving parts, somebody in New England loves it.
Such Is Life
New England's diverse topology and ever-changing weather makes for equally diverse lifestyles. The term "hearty New Englander" was coined accurately and with good reason.
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